Friday, July 15, 2011

Field Trip!

On Thursday the Our Little Baby clan and I hit up the Brimfield Antique Show.  I can't even begin to explain its monstrosity to you but I have never seen anything like it.  It is fields with rows of tents (sometimes 7 deep) that must have stretched almost a mile.  We walked and walked and walked and eventually all the furniture just started to blend together.  But it was a GORGEOUS day...sunny, mid 70's with a breeze.  We also got there super early which was the best idea ever because by noon you could barely walk around.  I can't imagine what it must look like on a weekend day!

I ended up finding letterpress letters which I have been looking for forever.  I wanted to buy ALL of them but I exercised some restraint and just picked up an A-M-Y.  The best part was all the CRAZY stuff that people were selling:


Puss in Boots anyone?

Letterpress tiles...OMG I want them all but they are crazy expensive.

All the blue Mason jars you could ever want or need.

A giant hippo head.  Baby almost got to ride inside but she was lady.

Creeptastic dismembered baby doll parts...cue horror film.

 Does anyone know the answer?

I don't even know...

And a metal rooster.  You HAVE to read this blog post to appreciate it.

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