Saturday, July 9, 2011

What A Wonderful Day For...


As always, when I am blog absent for more than two days it is probably because I am having a real (or perceived) life crisis.  This week looked like this:

Monday: 4th of July parade with fabulous people.
Tuesday: Resume revamping.
Wednesday: Craftastic day with O.  Italy mini is getting done...ASAP.
Thursday: Stage 5 meltdown.  Sangria party (not for one).
Friday: Lunch with Awesomeface.  Project.

Because you are dying to know...the meltdown was due, in part, to the lovely trolls at Career Services.  This is what went down:

I restructured my resume and signed up for someone to review it.  Troll #1 must not have seen me sign up because while I sat waiting, she cleaned out her purse, put on lotion, reorganized her Band know, really important stuff.  (Maybe she should have been reading the copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People sitting on her desk.)

The second lady (I hesitate to call her a troll because she turned out to be more apologetic) came back from her break and immediately Troll #1 goes over to her and proceeds to bitch about all the people seeking help at Career Services and I was all "I CAN HEAR YOU!"  After 15 minutes Troll #1 stomped away and I went up to the (hopefully) nicer lady and asked who was supposed to review resumes.  She asked if I signed up, to which I replied "Yes, 15 minutes ago" and she at least had the courtesy to look embarrassed for her co-workers outburst and apologized for the wait.

To make a boring story short less boring, she basically told me that my resume was adequate but if I ever want to work again I need to join Linked In.  Surprise, surprise...she teaches the networking class at Career Services.  As she kept singing the praises of Linked In (while confessing that she herself hadn't joined yet) I kept getting more and more frustrated.  I just wanted to leave but she wouldn't stop talking!

Eventually I made it home and promptly signed up for Linked In.  Guess what?  Teaching/Education...not even a category to choose...although Fishery and Paper/Forest Products were available choices.  My profile says that I am an Education Management Professional.  True story.

So then I gave up on Linked In and cried instead.  My inner hermit almost succeeded in getting me to exchange my evening plans for TV and Ben and Jerry's but I pulled it together enough to be social.  Let's not pretend that the fact that the social engagement involved sangria helped steer me in the right direction.

If you're still reading you get 300 awesome points.  Also, you get a head's up that the project I am working on about my summer travels is almost finished!  Look for it soon.



  1. Sorry the people were so rude and you had such a bad day. I hope today treated you better!

  2. have you tried i loved using it. also ANY career fair thats education based was great- many interviews in one day!

  3. I've applied to probably 150 jobs through school spring over 3 years and gotten 2 interviews because of it.


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