Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 > 1.5

Dear Mom,

Although this may seem like a public critique of your ability to cut hair, it is not.  What it is, is further evidence of my poor decision making skills.


In terms of my hair, I did not win the genetic lottery.  Everyday Mom has super thick, straight hair.  Everyday Dad has thin and almost curly hair.  I was blessed with thin, almost curly but not quite, super puffy hair.  I say puffy because although my hair has the illusion of volume, it is merely air between the strands.

Evidence of curly:

Curls turning to puff:

In my adult life, I've never had long hair.  I let my hair grow and grow for what feels like forever then it just sort of stops.  Because it is so thin, it just doesn't look nice long.

Up until yesterday, my hair was as long as it has been for quite a while.  I don't have a photo and it's too late to take one now!  I entrusted Everyday Mom to give me a trim.  The idea was to keep the length but get rid of the split ends. 

When I asked for 1.5 inches off, Everyday Mom heard:

Hello short's been a while:

But as Everyday Dad is a renewable resource.  It will grow back and I will inevitably cut it short again.



  1. Your mom did a great job! It looks really good.

  2. haha that's actually a photo from last November when I cut my hair myself! I had to fix a few spots on mommy's cut!

  3. Amy, you have lovely hair...1.5in. or 4in.:) Love the adorable pictures of little Amy. Too cute!


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