Sunday, October 3, 2010

Operation Aim Low

I love to start things. I get excited about the promise and anticipation of something new. It's the finishing that I'm not so great at. So despite the fact that my September goals were an epic failure...I can't resist making some October goals. However, these goals will be quite small and insignificant. Nothing important like finding a job...although that is obviously still a major priority.

Without further adieu ado:
1. Carve a pumpkin...ideally without making it look like a six year old did it.

2. Write an entire blog post without using the word "I." I understand that blogging is inherently self-centered but looking back at posts, especially my many majors post, I was almost disgusted by how many times I used the word "I." Obviously my sentence fluency needs some work!

3. Try something new. any arena of my life.

You know that quote "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars"....yeah...that's crap. If you're really aiming for the moon you are not going to be satisfied with the damn stars. So I'm trying on a new philosophy for the month.

October Philosophy: aim low. I figure if my expectations are super small there is a chance that not only will I meet them, but I may wildly exceed them. In turn, the satisfaction derived from this success may lead to feelings of accomplishment, happiness and positivity....I hope.

I believe this strategy is widely referred to as "baby steps."

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