Friday, October 1, 2010

Duck Duck Goose - October

It has been an entire month since the September duck count and unfortunately very little has changed. So little that this post is almost an entire cut and paste job. I could get all woe is me right about now thinking about how another month of my life has passed me by....but I won't subject you to that...even though I kind of just did!

Here are the categories:

Healthy family and friends: Everyone is wonderful and with the early arrival of the Maddie Bear there is a new duckling to celebrate. Congrats to the happy parents!

Job: Still no duck...although unemployment has kicked in which helps me stay a bit more sane.

Place to live: The apartment is currently being kept clean and visitable if you want to stop by and check out the hole.

Significant Other: No duck.

Financial independence: Again for now. See job duck.


Purpose in life: Current purpose is to figure out a purpose. Doesn't that sound quite philosophical?

Social Outings: Lots of ducks! I've been trying to curb my hermit ways and have had lots of friend dates lately. I'm practically like Jim Carrey in "Yes Man" except without the Persian Wife Finder.

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