Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Goals: A Summary

At the beginning of September I blogged about whether goals were a productive way to inspire change or just another source of frustration. I set three goals for the month which included:

1. Find a job.

2. Read to make progress on my 1,000 book challenge.

3. Write a blog post every day in September.

Let's discuss my success shortcomings. I've officially accomplished 0% of these goals...that's right 0/3....none!

Here are the deets:

1. I have not found a job however, I am receiving unemployment which makes the no job thing a whole lot less scary.

2. I've been sucked into the world of blogging. I read them, I write them, I read some more. In the month of September, I started 4 different books but did not finish a single one (due to the aforementioned blog time suckage!) If I continue to maintain this rate of reading, the timeline for my 1,000 book project will most certainly surpass the initial estimate of 20 years!

3. A blog a day seemed like a good idea at the time....until I had nothing to write about. And for two or three days I found myself posting crap just to have something to post. I decided that posting every day wasn't a goal I needed to pursue. I did end up with 19 posts for September...more than half!

In conclusion, September's goals were a bust. Will there be new, better goals for October? You'll just have to stay tuned.

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