Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Future Career Possibilities

Lately I've been thinking about what career I will pursue if this whole teaching thing doesn't work out. Here's what I've come up with:

Race Car Driver
Pro: Lots of men. I like to drive fast. I think I have good reaction time.
Con: I don't like rednecks. Possibility of immediate death.

Reality TV Star
Pro: Money for doing nothing.
Con: I'm not trashy enough. I do have some morals.

One Hit Wonder Song Writer
Pro: I write one song and I'm comfortably set for life.
Con: I doubt the writer of "Single Ladies" would have seen a dime if it weren't for Beyonce's ass.

Motivational Speaker
Pro: Make money just for talking. Travel possibilities.
Con: I have no motivation for being motivational. Watching people cry all day.

Pro: Wearing scrubs (read: pjs) to work every day. Jabbing people with sharp objects.
Con: The blood. Slight possibility of becoming a vampire.

Hmmm....so many wonderful choices. How will I ever decide?

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