Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warning...Late Night Sentimental Crap Ahead


Currently, my most fulfilling relationship is with my iTunes catalog. No judgement! Listening to a great song with headphones on, at a decibel that would make an audiologist cringe is probably the closest I will ever come to a religious experience. There's just something about lyrics and melody reverberating through my brain that makes me feel whole. For those three and a half minutes everything makes sense.

I spent a long time today listening to Ryan Adams (which makes me yearn to get in the car, head west and drive until I can’t see straight.) Exactly how long I listened will remain a secret but however long you are me it was longer.

I've been super restless as of late and in desperate need of a project. Unemployment requires you to be creative in filling daylight hours so I am undertaking the difficult task of compiling a Best Of Ryan Adams: According to Amy album. To put this mission into prospective, I can probably fit 16-18 songs on a cd…and I am beginning with a Ryan Adams catalog of at least 130 songs. So you understand the challenge.

Any Ryan Adams fans with a recommendation for best song? I will post the track list when it has been finalized.


  1. 4 hours? You must have "La Cienega Just Smiled" and "Oh My Sweet Carolina"

  2. "Come Pick Me Up!" Harmonicas rule.

  3. Harmonicas rule = agree! And "Come Pick Me Up" and "Sweet Carolina" will easily make top two.


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