Thursday, October 28, 2010

A List and A Song....NOT A List of Songs

Gearing up for Fall Fun Weekend: Part Deux.  Lots of To-Do’s.

*Go to the bank.
*Order photos.
*Get sucked into Facebook for 2.5 hours.
*Pick up photos.
*But first do laundry.
*Stop at my parent’s house to play with the god dog.
*Worry about onset of dyslexia in late 20’s.
*Do the dishes.
*Take out the trash.
*Pick underwear up off the floor (in case I die while away so I’ll be remembered as tidy).
*Wonder whether or not I can freeze apples to keep them from going bad...decide this is not a good idea so I cook them instead…mmmm apple crisp.
*Make October 2010 road trip mix.
*Mail rent, mail bills, mail Halloween cards then cross fingers that they get there before Halloween.
*Make Halloween costume.
*Watch The Daily Show.
*And The Colbert Report for good measure.
*Finish the book I started in August.
*Write a song...well…rewrite two verses of John Denver’s Leaving on a Jetplane.

Driving on the Highway
by Amy Call

Well my bags aren’t packed but I need to go
Watch Stephen Kellogg put on a show
And be crafty with friends at ScrapVegas
But it’s getting late, it’s almost noon
Have to stop for gas and coffee too
I’m running late but I will leave real soon.

Don’t text me or call me
I’m can’t text back while driving
And I listen to the radio too loud
While I’m driving on the highway
On a trip out west for a few days
Oh yay! Can’t wait to go.

Done and done.  Happy weekend!

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