Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Convos with a BabyMomma

As you may know my BFFL (we'll call her S because that's what Summer starts with) just bore the fruit of her loins and named her Madeline. Naturally such a life-changing event is bound to impact every facet of a long term friendship including daily conversation. To document this paradigm shift let me introduce:

Convos with a BabyMomma

10/4/10 via text

S: The mommy movies in Lowell are only six bucks. But they only do one a month and there's a possibility of screaming babies.

Me: Do people nurse in the dark? Would I have to take my top off to get in?

S: You might actually.

Me: Ugh...hope it's not cold in there! If I nursed in public I would wear a huge sweatshirt then just stuff the kid up inside.

So today I learned two things. First, apparently a movie theatre is a socially acceptable place for numbers of topless women to gather...and second, I have just entered a world where weird is the new normal.

1 comment:

  1. Lol, you're telling me. You should see how weird I look topless!


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