Sunday, November 20, 2011

4:47 AM

So it's 4:47 AM and I'm awake.  After 4 blissful hours of sleep, I awoke thinking about a lesson I (forgot) I am teaching on Monday and have now been awake for an hour and a half.

In my pursuit to fall back to sleep, I made the following mistakes:
I tossed and turned.
I turned on the light.
I got out of bed.
I had a snack.
I made some notes for my lesson.
I turned on the TV (The X-Files are on).
I turned on my (borrowed) computer.
I added some notes to my book outline.
I checked Google Reader.
I decided I needed to blog about why I am awake in the middle of the night.

But now:
My toes are cold.
My eye lids are heavy.
The X-Files is almost over.
It is still dark out.
The words in my head are now on paper a flash drive.
I am ready to go back to sleep.

Coming later today:  Cooking with Amy.  Get excited.


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