Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snowcones, Hearings, and Wobbly Arms

I can't believe it's almost Friday!  When you have a snow no power day on Monday, a professional day on Tuesday and it's already 7 pm on Wednesday that means tomorrow is Thursday...which is basically Friday.  And because of some silly snow storm, Halloween was rescheduled so I get to wear my costume to school/work on Friday.

This morning I scraped enough frost off my windshield to make a snow cone.  If only I had some red dye #5 cherry syrup! 

Then I went to school/work (when you work at a school is it school or work?) where I copied some recipes from a cookbook on the school photocopier.  Karma was swift to judge me for my misuse of office supplies as I slit that web of skin between your thumb and index finger open with the aforementioned photocopies.  I will spare you a photo but it was this part:

When I came home from school I opened my mailbox to find the mail that I've been waiting for...the response from unemployment.  I drew in a breath and got a bit exciting thinking there would be a check inside.  Instead, I got an IMPORTANT NOTICE (in 10 languages) letting me know that not only will I not be getting my owed unemployment money but I OWE them $2,550.  So that was awesome...except not.  I have to request a hearing so I may be seeking legal council/advice/pep talks from my lawyer friends to prove to the state of Massachusetts that I am right and they are wrong.

In an effort to stave off a panic attack, I went to the gym and lifted things up and put them down until my arms were shaking.  They are still wobbly and I'm not convinced that I will be able to lift them above my head tomorrow but cest la vie.

My parents have power again so I will be returning Everyday Mom's laptop.  And needless to say with my current/ongoing unemployment predicament a fixed/replacement computer is no longer on the radar.  So I bid you adieu...for now I hope.



  1. i never know what to call it either- school or work.

    why are they saying you owe them $??

  2. It's a very long and involved story but basically they should have paid me through August...they only paid me through July...but now they said that since school ended in June my benefits should have ended then so I have to pay them back.

  3. Oh no!!! Amy, I am glad you have lawyer friends and the chance to have a hearing. It will work out!! Sending positive vibes your way, Dearest.

  4. damn the man, save the empire! :(


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