Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

Let's discuss how many agencies contacted me about storm/school cancellations.

1. The police department of the town I live in called to say school was closed.
2. The town I used to work in left a voicemail that school was closed.
3. The town I worked in 2 jobs ago texted me to tell me that school was closed.
4. The superintendent called to tell me school was closed.
5. The next town over (they handle my electricity) called to let me know school was closed (and that trick or treating was rescheduled).

So...the moral of the story is:  SCHOOL IS CLOSED...oh...and don't go trick or treating tomorrow because Halloween is basically cancelled.

No worries...I didn't get to wear my costume and I never carved a pumpkin (because after last year's debacle I was exercising some patience which was interrupted by all the snow).


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