Monday, October 3, 2011

In September

In September I got settled in to my new job, made new friends at said job, went candlepin bowling for the first time since middle school, tried new (vegan) foods, celebrated a lot of birthdays, cursed the hot/swampy weather, listened to a lot of Lady Gaga (I know!), embarked on an exciting new adventure (to be shared at a later date), avoided Dunks like the plague, and tip toed my way back into blogging.

It took me a few weeks to get settled back into a work routine.  Not that being unemployed was fun or easy, but it certainly allowed for more flexible sleeping windows.  I spent the first three weeks of school dragging myself out of bed and hoping there was time for a nap every afternoon.  But my circadian rhythm seems to have achieved some semblance of balance.

Working also means less blogging and less reading.  After some internal debate, I've decided that I am going to keep blogging because it is something that I enjoy.  But this time last year, I had 6 empty hours a day to fill with adventures and silly stories.  So expect to hear lots about second grade for now.

I don't know whether it is the fact that I am getting older or if I am wishing for time to slow before the inevitable 29+1 situation, but I could have sworn it was just the Fourth of July!  Summer passed in a flash and September was no exception.  But I'm excited for October.  It is my favorite month!  I'm not sure why but the sunny, brisk days have something to do with it.  So gone.

In October I want to:
1. Cook/bake at least 4 times.
2. Skype with all my besties.
3. Carve a pumpkin...but not too early!
4. Hang out with Everyday Brother.


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  1. long do I have to wait to hear about the exciting new adventure??


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