Thursday, October 13, 2011

Number 8

Seeing as how the time to 29+1 is ticking by quite quickly I decided it was time to get moving on some of my goals.  While Everyday Brother was home I accomplished #8 on The List

We bypassed the busy, fancy driving range and visited the driving range with the purple dino putt putt.  One of the reasons I added "golf at a driving range" to my list is because it is something I had never done.  I often want to try new things but am anxious about doing them myself.  This is especially true if it is something where the possibility of embarrassment is high.

Think about it.  When is the last time you have tried something totally new?  I had to figure out how to get balls, borrow (rent?) a club, which club to borrow/rent, which stall to pick, how to swing the club, what the appropriate noise/excitement level was or what the etiquette for hitting the ball when someone is next to you. (Does this sound familiar?)  Luckily Everyday Brother was there to save me from myself (and he only teased me about taking pictures once). We got our balls and were on our way.

When we arrived, there was only one other individual there and judging by the sound of his club hitting the ball, he was no amateur.  So I selected a stall far away from him so I wouldn't disturb him with my lack of golf skills (and general obnoxiousness).

I will admit that trying to hit a tiny ball 7483 yards only to have it land on a small green area sounds difficult.  But I never imagined that driving balls off a tee would leave me sore the next day. is kind of a whole body activity.  I just assumed that you swing and if you miss you swing again.  Not quite.  You're supposed to bring back your arms, then shoulders, then twist your hips while lifting up the heel of one foot...and that is just the back swing.  Not only was I unable to master do a proper back swing but trying to then hit the ball was really hard.

So today my arms are a bit sore because apparently I was swinging with my arms instead of using my body's momentum. 

My goal was to hit the ball at least 100 yards.  Well...I maybe hit 85 yards...once.  But after I got the swing of things (get it?) most of my balls passed 50 yards.  So basically I won. 

I'm glad that I did tried something new AND crossed something off The List


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