Monday, October 3, 2011

On 495

I saw a camel on the highway today.

Yes...a camel.

And before you're all, "Um, Amy..." let me explain.  I'm driving home from the grocery store in almost-but-not-quite rush hour traffic when I happen upon one of those horse trailers that you pull behind a pick up truck.  The trailer had the slats open so you could see the animal.  So I look over and there is a camel lying down with his face sizing up my car.

My first thought was, "Whoa...there is a camel...weird."
My second thought was, "I need to blog about this."
My third thought was, "Wait...why would there be a camel in a horse trailer?"
My fourth thought was, "Wait...that can't be a camel...this is New England."

I quickly tried to rationalize what I saw.  It must have been a llama.  A really big llama. But as I passed the truck, there were two huge, tour bus sized vehicles full of animals.

It was a children's traveling circus.

So that explains the camel.


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