Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Snow...WTF?

So when I said Happy Fall what I actually meant was Happy Winter?!?  My psyche is all confused because there are 5 inches of wet, wet snow on the ground (and on my car) before Halloween.

Currently, I am sitting in Barnes and Noble along with 300 of my closest friends strangers using their free wi-fi.  Although I have been warned that the tables, chairs, and plugs are reserved for paying customers. (But to be fair there are legitimately 60-70 people in line for coffee.)  I found a secret plug hidden around the corner from the cafe.  Two chairs later and voila I have my own internet station.  I think my ingenuity should be rewarded not punished.

Now...let's back up to Thursday.


There was a rumor around school that it was going to snow.  I rolled my eyes at those silly people because it doesn't rarely snows in October...a dusting if anything.  I met some work friends for drinks on Thursday night and by the time we left I needed to dig my snow brush out of my trunk. 


I entertained the idea of calling in sick to work on my costume for Saturday's Halloween party but my guilt got the best of me.  I left work on Friday and hit up Target, Walmart, the mall, my parent's house, and Walmart again before heading home.  My first trip to Walmart I bought gold spray paint which turned out to be chrome (which P.S. is NOT gold).  But it had a GOLD cap.  On my second trip to Walmart I bought gold spray paint which ALSO had a gold cap.  I got home and spray painted a headband and some Old Navy 2 for $5 flip flops gold.


I slept in.  Like a lot.  Then I watched some teenage soap operas.  When I finally got around to putting my costume together it started to snow...and snow and snow and snow.  I bailed on the party, wasted a fun costume and watched Hocus Pocus on ABC family.  Then the power went out.  Then the power came on.  Then the power went out.  Then my phone died.  Then I lit some candles and went to bed early.


I drove over to my parent's house to use their computer and their laundry services.  Turns out...their yard looks like this:

so needless to say they have no power which is why I am at Barnes and Noble.

The leaves on these maples hadn't even turned yellow yet!  The weight of the wet snow on the leaves was just too much.  All over town there are limbs and powerlines down, entire trees uprooted or split in half.  It's pretty crazysauce.

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