Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday is for Tidbits

So I really wanted to call this Tuesday Tidbits but it is Thursday not Tuesday and I spent all day thinking/hoping/wishing that it was Friday.  But it is Thursday...which means exciting things happened...except not.

* I went to the library to use their internet because my computer that refuses to start is still ruining my life.
* I was going to write about the time I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN but my pictures are stuck A) on my stupid computer and/or B) on my dead camera. 
* A second grader brought in fairy dust for her secret object which was just a lunch bag full of glitter.
* I ate lunch with my high school guidance counselor yesterday.  (He was subbing at my school and yes, it was as awkward as it sounds.)
* I found some exciting new recipes that I can't wait to bake.
* I saw an awesome bumper sticker that said: "At least the war on the environment is going well."
* One second grade twin punched the other second grade twin in the face.
* I am going to Portland (ME not OR) this weekend.
* I am super disappointed by October's lack of cool, sunny days.  WTF rain?

* I snuggled with my puppy while doing laundry for free at my parents horse house. 
(File under: Yes, I'm almost 29+1.)  

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