Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

My computer hard drive is MIA.  Sunday morning it was there working fine and by Sunday afternoon my computer refused to boot, shut down, or do anything other than loop through the Windows setup.

Currently, my options are quite limited. I could:
1. Buy a new computer.
2. Buy a new hard drive.
3. Try to find someone to copy my hard drive.
4. Cry.
5. Pay the Geek Squad an exorbitant amount of money for them to tell me that I need a new hard drive.
6. Learn to live without the internet. <--NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

Now...it's no surprise that I have a slight addiction affinity for being connected.  (FYI: I only have a desktop.  No laptop, no iPad, no smart phone.)  But in the last two days I've begun to count the ways that I've needed the internet/my computer.

1. To Google the error code BIOHD-8 to see if it means certain PC death.
2. To check my email.
3. To pay my credit card bill on time.
4. To check the forecast.
5. To cancel Netflix.
7. To Google what time the library closes so I can use their internet.
8. To check the news.
9. To listen to iTunes.
10. To find the address of a meeting.
11. To track what I ate today.
12. To work on my personal budget.
13. To watch Hulu.
14. To do a bunch of other mundane things.

So if I am absent for the next few days forever, please don't think that I've deserted you.  I am likely just curled in a fetal position under the covers, weeping over the loss of the internet.  Also, if you know anything about fixing non-existent hard drives or computers that read error: BIOHD-8 let me know.  But not via comment or Facebook or email.  Hmm....



  1. I bet you killed it on purpose so you can upgrade to an Apple.

  2. If only...If I had the money I would get an apple laptop tomorrow...TOMORROW!


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