Friday, November 18, 2011


It's no secret (at least to anyone that works with me) that I've had the blahs all week.  Two days at the gym managed to give my psyche a little kick in the ass and my legs a soreness usually reserved for a senior citizen.

On Wednesday I left school/work with such a headache.  I managed to stumble home and was in bed less than half an hour after kids climbed the bus steps.  After a two hour nap, I felt like less of a monster and was able to manage dinner, the dishes, and a trip to the gym.  But my siesta/late night workout left me wide awake until 2 am.  Damn circadian rhythm.

By the time today rolled around I was just done with the week.  I took the day off work more for a mental health day than anything.  I slept for 13 hours last night and woke feeling more like myself.  Today I spent some time on the couch then packed myself a lunch and headed to my favorite bookstore/coffee shop and did some letter writing, some book writing, and a lot of Pandora listening.  Internet radio might be the best invention ever.  It is the ultimate shuffled playlist that is always there when I forget to charge my iPod.  


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  1. I forgot how much I love Pandora too and have been listening to it recently while I NaNoWriMo (which is going slowly). I am currently obsessed with the Adele station and I like the new music it introduces me too. Fun bonus! :-)


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