Friday, November 30, 2012

In November

At the beginning of November I wrote:

Please be better than October.
Please be sunnier.
Please be filled with more friends and family.
Please be full of adventures.
Please be full of happy days.
Please be all of these things...and I will be thankful.

And it turns out that November was all of these things. The swampiness and dreariness of October cleared and November turned out to be a gorgeous fall at times, cold at others, but sunny and beautiful. 

I had lots of friend dates this month. I made mini books with N and started quilts with S. I celebrated a belated Halloween with D, O, K, L, and lots of others. I spent Thanksgiving in Maine with Everyday Mom and Dad. 

And got to FaceTime with Everyday Brother.

In November, I took adventures to Maine, Western Mass, and Boston. I wandered Fanueil Hall for Tuba Christmas and saw men balancing on ladders with machetes. 

I had some happy days and some less happy days but overall it was a good month. Be prepared for lots of holiday cheer soon! 

Goodbye November.

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