Monday, November 26, 2012

It Was a Rough Day in the 3rd Grade Neighborhood

Student E's father's apartment burned down over the weekend. Everyone is safe but now mom and dad (divorced) are living in a one bedroom apartment with their daughter until he can find another living situation.

Student A's (divorced and flighty) mother is in town for his birthday and he was so upset that she would be leaving that he was unable to do any work at all today.

Student M refused to come to school because he had a pimple. Mom wrestled him to the bus stop but when the bus arrived he bolted and ran back home. She drove him to school and told him if he didn't get out of the car she would have the principal come get him.

A second Student A cried for an hour while working on a math practice test.

The first day back from vacation is always rough for everyone. Teachers are tired and perhaps a bit unprepared. Students are out of their routines and have forgotten what the expectations of being in school are. Plus it is a full five day week...our first since BEFORE Halloween.

Four weeks until winter break.
Four weeks until winter break.
Four weeks until winter break.

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