Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you found a significant amount of money on the floor at the mall?

I was walking up the stairs at the mall when I saw some money at the top of the landing. I reached down to pick it up intending to hand it to the person that dropped it...but when I stood up there was no one there. No one in a 10 foot radius. I didn't know what to do. Then I glanced at the bills in my hand...and they were not ones. In fact, I had just picked up $45.00. Then I REALLY didn't know what to do. These are my thoughts:

  • Do people turn in money at the mall?
  • If I turn it in to the mall office will they just keep it?
  • Should I just keep it?
  • Is it lost money or found money?
  • If I turn it in and no one claims it, do I get it back?
  • Am I on some hidden camera show?
  • I could totally use $45.00. 
  • It would pay for groceries or gas. 
  • I could splurge on those new sheets or new plates I've been coveting. 
  • I don't NEED new sheets or plates but it would be nice to have matching sets.
  • I could use it to buy fabric for a quilt I want to make.
  • I could buy $45.00 of lottery tickets. 
  • Maybe I'll make some money.
  • A friend's mom found $5.00 once and bought a lottery ticket and won $500.
  • I could use it to cook an awesome birthday dinner for my mom.
  • I have an iPhone now...let's ask the people of Facebook what they would do.
  • Could I use $45.00 to start my own company?
  • I should donate it to charity.
  • I'll put it in the Salvation Army bucket outside the mall.
  • Why is Salvation Army ALREADY outside the mall?
  • I don't know if I agree with Salvation Army.
  • I could send it to Hurricane Sandy victims.
  • I should use it to buy snacks for the boy in my class who cannot afford them.
  • I think WAY too much. Normal people would just keep it, spend it, or turn it in.
  • I have to blog about this.
So...what would you do?


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