Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apparently I'm Losing My Mind

So school vacation is next week. Which is so necessary because in the last 10 days lots of things have gone down in my class:

  • Huge, important IEP meetings.
  • Played teacher on the big math project day.
  • Geese drama. (Post on this is coming.)
  • Full moon + Easter candy = CRAZY children.
  • A broken arm.
  • DSS drama.
  • Mono.

I didn't really think I was in need of a vacation because it seems like it was JUST February vacation. But...BUT...this week I drove all the way to work and got out of my car before I realized I left everything at home except for my keys. Purse, phone, water bottle, lunch. Luckily I live 6 minutes from work so I ran back home to get it all.

Then today, I went to the gym after work. From there, I was headed to the grocery store to buy cheese so I could make pizza for dinner. But I left my wallet at home! 

Option 1: Go home. Get money. Go to a different grocery store.

Instead...I paid with quarters. Toll money FTW!

Is it Friday yet?


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