Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'll Never Let Go

In part two of my two part series...Titantic 3D.

The most exciting part of seeing Titanic on the big screen is not so much the 3D but the nostalgia for my late teenage years. When the movie was first in theaters, I saw it four times. Yes...four. It was just as epic as I remembered it being. Although this time I watched it with grown up eyes.


  • I can't believe how opulent the ship was.
  • The Titanic was such a microcosm of the disparity between classes.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was so young.
  • I forgot all about the first 20 minutes where they go underwater and find the safe in the wreckage.
  • How historically accurate is the movie?
  • Do ships hit icebergs a lot?
  • What would have happened if they hit the iceberg head on?
  • Would Rose really have survived by floating on that door?
  • I'm too old to sit for 3 hours in a movie theater seat.

The part that gets me every time is when the musicians begin to play Nearer My God to Thee.

I've watched so many History channel specials on the Titanic in the past few weeks. The more I learn about the distaster the more fascinated I am with the whole thing. But I get caught up in the fact that so many people died...and that so many bodies were never recovered. It's crazy to see video of the Titanic laying at the bottom of the ocean because it looks so small.

Also, I can't believe that it took until 1985 to located the wreckage! I would have thought someone would have found it before then.

Oh, intrigue me.


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