Saturday, April 28, 2012

N is for Networking

Being a teacher means spending the spring and summer searching for a job for the following school year (that is until you find a permanent position that offers professional status).

With the job search comes stress, paper cuts, cover letters, resumes, more paper cuts, more stress, and the most awful part of it all...networking. 

Now I am not a natural networker. I prefer not to bother others and ask for favors and make small talk and be chummy. Actually, I prefer not to interact with adults at all if I can help it. THERE IS A REASON I SPEND MY DAYS WITH TINY HUMANS. 

But today, I sucked it up and emailed an old graduate school professor. See...there is this job that I want A LOT. Like more than anything. Like it's probably the most perfect job for me ever. So I tried to put my general awkwardness aside and network like a grownup.

I may or may not have called my mom and Googled "how to network to get a job" before sending the email. <---I did.


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