Thursday, April 12, 2012


Fly Away Home was on TV this weekend which was quite apropro. For one, I love the movie. For two, the main character is named Amy and has a cool accent. For three, the subject of Canadian geese is highly relevant to my day to day life.

You my school/work, there is a GIANT marsh and pond surrounding the field and playground (and no...there is no fence). But in the spring with the pond comes alive with Canadian geese.

They do funny things like:
  • Mate outside the 5th grade windows during MCAS testing. (P.S. They are noisy when they do that.)
  • Chase each other around...wings out, necks curved...hissing:

  • Make a nest on top of the beaver lodge. Like so: 

  • Poop all over the playground (which then the kids pick up and throw at each other...right before heading inside to eat lunch) <---Kids are gross.

In a (failed) attempt to keep the geese off the playground, they have outfitted the orange, plastic snow fence with sparkly pinwheels. 

Yes, this is the truth. 
Yes, my school is silly.

File under: #But geese LOVE pinwheels.


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