Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maine: April Vacation Edition

Sadly, April vacation has come to an end. I know that all of you non-teachers are probably rolling your eyes at me right now but believe me, vacation is a necessary part of the school year. (Even more so for the students than the teachers.)

We had wonderful weather during the week! After my midnight crisis about owing a billion dollars on my taxes, I took to the road and traveled to Maine for a few days. 

I spent one day/night by myself and it was so peaceful. I was at the mercy of no one except my dog but I was so scared to sleep at the cabin in the woods by myself. Scenes from horror movies taking place in the woods kept flashing through my mind!

During the daylight hours, I had much happier times. I visited the oreo cows...which from a distance look soft and smooth but up close are super shaggy. Do they get winter coats and shed like my dog does? Any cow experts out there?

There is one brownish/reddish oreo cow. He must be the black swan of cows! I was enjoying the cows and marveling at how they would stare at me when one cow started coming towards me...and he looked pissed. There was a fence consisting of two wires and some posts but that cow was awfully large and I am kind of a wimp so I scurried back to my car.

That solitary one on the right was the one out to get me!

Maine fun fact #1: Maine was just voted the most peaceful of the 50 states. I tried to harness that peace by taking artsy pictures of the spring buds.

After my fitful night of sleep, my dog got me up nice and early. At 5:30 she poked me with her snout until I got up to let her out. I let her out and she proceeded to lay on the deck so she could get her morning cookie. Sneaky dog is sneaky. While I was wandering around like a zombie I managed to open my eyes enough to watch the sun rise over the foggy lake. It was pretty!

Later that day, mom and I ventured to the coast. I put my toes in the ocean (brrrrr!) and accidentally took home a live periwinkle. It looked empty!

Periwinkle lovers.

Our last stop was at the Delorme map store to see Eartha, the world's largest revolving globe. We watched it spin revolve and rotate. It was awesome to see how the world actually tilts and rotates. It is huge (3 stories) so it was difficult to get a good picture of it. Someone needs to time lapse video Eartha!

Maine is always a good time. Everyone should come and visit!



  1. Great pictures!!! I'm glad you got some peace time.

  2. I can't wait to come and visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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