Monday, November 1, 2010

Duck Duck Don't...

...count your ducks chickens before they hatch.  It recently occurred to me that I might be jinxing myself by posting duck counts at the beginning of each month.  Maybe announcing I have no job on the first day of the month is a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I'm not superstitious per say, though I occasionally read my horoscope (which I only believe when it says something I like) but I figure a bit of cosmic cautiousness can't hurt.*

From now on goals will be set on the first of the month and ducks will be counted at the end of the month.  With that said, my November Goals are:

1. Find a community service opportunity and volunteer.

2. Read at least four books.  I have gotten seriously off track with my 1,000 book haven't-finished-a-book-since-August off track.

3. Limit myself to one non home-cooked meal per week...lattes don't count...obviously.

These goals seem realistic yet a bit more significant than October's goals.

*And I can put off cutting and pasting all those little duck pictures until the end of the month...WIN-WIN!

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