Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday in Photos

My weekly grocery list includes juice, string cheese, and granola bars (because I have the palate of a five year old) and then I just wander the aisles until I find other things to put in my fridge.  I was craving bananas...my potassium must be low this week...and found that my Chiquita Banana Lady has been replaced with advertising for the Wii!  Are banana stickers the final frontier for advertisers?

I also picked up some cocoa butter gel body oil in an attempt to protect my elbows from the sandpaper-esque quality they seem to take on as soon as the weather turns.  Bonus points for the lava lamp-like air bubble and the fact that this will prob. turn my shower into a slip and slide.

Finally, I picked up this mac and cheese for three reasons.  One - it is named after me (obvs. a sign).  Two - it requires the use of zero dishes.  Three - I can make it in the microwave.  Enough said.

1 comment:

  1. I have that same cocoa butter and LOVE it!!! It's a little oily but let me know what you think. My new favorite cocoa butter is Palmer's. It' worth a try :)


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