Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today was a Block Printing, Dish Doing, Music Listening Kind of Day

Call me Captain Productive!  Is there a different word for a female captain?  Captina?  There should be more lady captains in the world so the word doesn't sound so masculine...just a thought. I did something important (to be blogged about at a later date), began planning my mother's b-day dinner, learned that Lowell drains the canals and they are gross, took a field trip to the mall with the BabyMomma, folded a paper crane out of a perfume ad, did ALL the dishes in my sink, cooked myself a real dinner (thus creating new dishes in the sink), cut another block print design, and listened to the latest Ingram Hill album 13 times in its entirety.

After healing from the holiday card incident, I have delved back into block printing and finished two designs in two days!  For those of you who care have no idea what block printing is, here is a mini tutorial:

You use a linoleum block and some very sharp tools and carve out the negative space around the design you want to print.

After it is all carved, it looks like this:

Then you spread some ink on a piece of glass and roll it onto your block.

Use your block like a stamp...and voilà...homemade cards!

The most difficult part is trying to carve the linoleum block without slicing your fingers open.  Now that I have successfully carved my birds on a wire AND my holiday block, I can get to my bread baking! holiday cards might resemble one of the following...


  1. Thanks...but this is should see Summer's nesting dolls...AMAZING!

    Unless you were refering to my snowflake making abilities...


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