Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adventures in Second Grade: Field Trip and Santa Edition

As you may know, yesterday I spent sort of a disastrous day playing teacher. Today my work bestie and I took the second graders to a play.  Riding on a bus with 60 seven year olds is no ones idea of a good time.  They spent the entire bus ride waving to every single car that passed us. Every single car.  At one point when a Toy's R Us truck passed the bus the kids had a collective conniption.  It was like we told them we were headed to Disney World.

When we got back from the field trip we squeezed in a 15 minute recess.  During those 15 minutes, three different kids cried.  THREE!  And I didn't do anything this time...promise.

I did however, almost ruin Christmas for my entire class.  I read aloud the book Silver Packages (which p.s. almost made me cry). 

In the book, a poor boy in Appalachia waits for gifts to be thrown from a train. He wants a doctor kit but gets socks, and hats and mittens because he needs them to keep him warm. After I read the book, I was telling the kids how much they should appreciate the gifts they receive because some kids don't get any presents.

A boy looked at me horrified and said, "What?  You mean Santa just doesn't visit them?  Like he can't find them or something?"

OMG.  I can't imagine what my face looked like while I tried to back pedal and explain that I meant some kids will only get a present from Santa and not their families. Yikes.

Attention other adults:  Just so we're on the same page, Santa brings one present and the rest are from mom and dad...right?



  1. that is totally hilarious. nice save.

  2. Bahahahahahahahaha. You almost leaked about SANTA! I am loving this story. :)

    Now to be nice, here's how to handle those situations. You sweetly say "not every family believes in Santa. And unless they believe, Santa won't know there are children there who need toys."

    And when the kids ask why the family doesn't believe, say "sometimes bad things happen to people and it makes them sad. And they get so, so sad that they don't remember to believe in things that are good."

    And then you can explain that there are other people who help those kids, like the Toys for Tots people. And those people deliver toys to the kids who families don't believe. That way the kids can learn to believe too!

    Anyway, it worked the last time I had to use it. Good luck!


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