Monday, December 26, 2011

Number 19

309 days ago I wrote my first 5K post.  I walked the 3.1 miles on the treadmill and it took me 62 minutes.  It was exhausting and an accurate reflection of my (then) fitness level.

264 days ago I wrote about running on the treadmill for the first time.  I did several 1 minute running jogging intervals and survived.

Since then I have done only a smattering of jogging.  In no way did I train for a 5K.  But I decided that I was doing a 5K whether or not I was actually prepared.  While not confident enough to sign up for an official 5K knowing that I would have to walk most of it, I designed my own totally unofficial 5K.

Today, in the presence of 6 high school lacrosse players, I completed the First Annual Unofficial Boxing Day 5K.*
It was windy and cold and I got side stitches and I felt like such an old lady pretending to run in front of high school athletes and I wanted to quit so many times...but I did it.  The whole thing.  All 3.125 miles (which yes, I know is technically a smidge more than a 5K).

I finished the First Annual Unofficial Boxing Day 5K in 52:03...which is 10 minutes faster than my treadmill 5K back in February.  I consider this a success.  You should too.

AND...I WON!  Consequently, in a one person race, that means I also came in last.

* I figured that since Boxing Day is a pretend holiday in the United States, it was the perfect day for a pretend unofficial 5K.



  1. love this. might have to steal the idea

  2. It was originally going to be a Christmas Eve Day 5K but I had a throat thing happening. New Year's Eve Day 5K? New Year's Day 5K?

  3. That's awesome! Good for you. Maybe it will catch on and become a whole thing.


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