Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Don't Even...

How many people did you see bleed today?  Because I saw two...and that was two too many!

It all started when I agreed to play teacher today because the teacher I work with was absent.  The kids were crazy sauce because they are getting psyched about Christmas and tomorrow we are going on a field trip in the snow.

First, I made a kid cry.  I was teaching a writing lesson (that bombed p.s.) on choosing more exciting verbs.  But second graders don't write action verbs they write entire stories consisting of I had... and I went.  So a boy cried because he couldn't handle it.

Then, we were doing a science activity.  The kids were observing gravel and salt and they were allowed to smell the items.  Although we reviewed the correct way to smell items in science (wafting), a boy stuck his nose into the cup full of salt and exhaled. The salt flew out of the cup, got in his eyes and stuck to his face.  A quick rinse in the sink and a trip to the nurse and he was as good as new.

Second graders still don't have wonderful body control and while packing up two kids bumped heads and a nose bleed ensued.

Tears: 2
Nurse: 2

I left work with my mind set upon stopping at home to change then heading straight for the gym.  On the way home I had a similar yet more serious experience as the camel sighting. I saw a person lying on the sidewalk in the rain.  In two seconds my brain went from "there is a person on the sidewalk, that can't be good" to "why would a person be on the sidewalk" to "OH MY GOD THAT IS A PERSON ON THE SIDEWALK!"

I pulled over my car, threw on my flashers and ran over to him wondering what I would find when I got to him.  He was an older gentleman out for a walk in the rain who had fallen and was bleeding from the face in several places.  I didn't have my phone with me so luckily another gentleman pulled over and called 911.  The older man insisted he was fine and live only 200 yards away but we called 911 anyways. Let me tell you...the 6 minutes we waited for the ambulance were some of the longest minutes of my life.  I didn't know whether to talk to him or take off his hat to see if I should try to stop the bleeding.  <----This is why I am not a nurse.

FYI: In a small town when you call 911 for a man who has fallen down and cut his face, an ambulance, a firetruck, a police car and a police SUV show up.  The EMT's knew the man (apparently this has happened before), cleaned him up, and (I hope) drove him home.

After all of that, I still jumped in my car and went to the gym...and sat in traffic on the way because there was a giant accident.  Today was crazy.

Other possible titles for this post:

Small Town Living: Medical Emergency Edition

Amy Plays Teacher: And Maims Some Kids

Today HAS to be a Full Moon


Apparently it's Going to Snow

Today Was Crazy



  1. Oh My! You DID have an exciting day! You win back all the karma points you lost for making the kid cry by helping the older gentleman on the sidewalk. I'm an idiot, so I probably wouldn't have even noticed a person on the sidewalk. Or, I would have thought, "How nice! That man is making rain angels! La, la, la."

  2. I too went to the gym. When I left at 630 the accident still had half the highway shut down. There were 10 police and 6 highway patrol trucks with flashers on. This makes me think it was BAD...yet there was nothing on the news about it!

  3. Hahahaha on the salt thing. That cracks me up. And don't worry about making kids cry, it makes them tough. As for the old man- good job stopping. That was the right thing to do. And congrats on STILL getting to the gym. I would have called it a day. :)


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