Sunday, February 20, 2011

5K Today

I don’t run.

I want to run. But I don’t...unless something is chasing me. I read the book Born to Run last year and it made me believe that I could be a runner despite what my short, uncoordinated legs think.

In an attempt to finally pursue my half-hearted desire to run I made a goal to run a 5K. I know that to anyone who has ever run a race before this sounds small and pathetic but for me those 3.1 miles would be a big deal.

I decided that with only 348 days left to complete everything on The List I should get started. Unfortunately, cold weather and I go together about as well as pickles and paper clips.

After spending the last three months decorating my apartment, making mini books, and watching Netflix, even walking a 5K is kind of a big deal for me. But today I did it. Hey, we all have to start somewhere right?

I learned several things on the treadmill today:

1. I can’t allow myself to be intimidated by the skinny girls running a 7 minute mile without breaking a sweat.

2. Because if I do allow myself to be intimidated by them, I will select a treadmill in front of the WRONG set of TVs. (Today for the hour that it took me to walk my 5K I had the choice of viewing Sally Field die on Brothers and Sisters or Anthony Bourdain eat gross things.)

3. The iPod is the best thing ever invented.

4. I think my sneakers lack any type of arch support.

5. I prefer to walk outside.

So where do we go from here?  We go another 3.1 miles...then another...then get the idea.  And maybe we invest in new sneakers?

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  1. My first 5k goal was just not to walk at any point. I think I ran 10:33 miles. It wasn't really considered running by most people. But I met my goal.


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