Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up 
* Day date plans with S.
* Good hair day.

Thumbs Down
* Two inches of ice on my car.  Tires stuck to the ground because of the frozen slush.  Twenty-five minutes of chipping away ice with the pointy corner of the snowbrush to get my car out of its spot. 
* Being tailgated by an 18 wheeler even though I was going 10 mph above the highway speed limit. 
* Watching in astonishment as the 18 wheeler passed 4 cars in the left lane (in MA on 3 lane highways trucks are forbidden to drive in the left lane!)

Thumbs Up
* Playing catch up with the Baby Mama.
* VS b-day rewards.  Hello pink safari panties!

Thumbs Down
* Cold winter weather.
* Dreading all the grown up tasks I have to do next week...i.e. taxes, car maintenance, paying bills.

Thumbs Up
* Well written books.
* Listening to mix cds from 2005.
* Finger hugs from Miss M.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe this is a stupid question, but what do the h and i stand for? Seeing you was a thumbs up in my book too!


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