Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Land-Beaver Day!

According to Wikipedia a groundhog is also called a land-beaver.  Seriously!

Let's hope that Land-Beaver Day 2011 is nothing like the Groundhog Day movie because shoveling snow over and over and over again is something I spent the entire month of January doing and I'm kind of over it.

Today the land-beaver is supposed to come out of his burrow.  If it is cloudy he tells the mayor in some type of beaver/human hybrid language that spring is coming.  If it is sunny, he seeks shelter in his bunker for six more weeks of winter.  Seems simple enough.

But let's discuss the validity of this seasonal prediction.

A.  It seems from this photo that the land-beaver doesn't have much say in retreating to his bunker as he is hoisted up to be photographed while having the life squeezed out of him by an old man in a top hat.

B.  Maybe the land-beaver is a party animal and the sun just messes with his hangover?

C.  Perhaps the land-beaver exits his bunker and thinks "fuck it's freezing" and doesn't care if it's sunny or not.

If I was a betting woman I would venture a guess that Phil the land-beaver will not see his shadow today.  If the weather is Pennsylvania is anything like the weather in Massachusetts today the poor fellow's bunker will probably look like this:

Bring on spring land-beaver!

Update:  The land-beaver sees no shadow.  Spring is imminent.

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