Monday, February 7, 2011

See Amy Knit

Back in December, I talked about teaching myself to knit so I watched a few YouTube videos until I thought I understood the process.  On my first attempt, I proceeded to break the knitting needle into four pieces.  To be fair the needle was very old and plastic.

Then I made this...which I don't think really qualifies as knitting.

After watching a different "how to knit" video, I produced this fine specimen and decided that I knew enough to start my first scarf.

I knew how to knit a row, turn around, and knit another row. I figured that when I ran out of yarn I would just watch another video. 

I bought some larger, sturdier needles and some wool yarn and went to town.

After abandoning the project for more than a month, I finally completed my first scarf!  I underestimated the thickness of the yarn so my scarf is a foot wide.  But with only a few mistakes I can now add knitting to my resume (under life skills of course.) 

A scarf is super easy.  You knit a row, turn the scarf over, knit another row and repeat.  There is so much more to knitting that I may pursue at some point in the future but for now I have a backlog of minibooks to work on.


  1. Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!!! Good job!

  2. LOVE the scarf, and it's a beautiful pic!

  3. YAY Amy!!!!! I have tried several times with no luck...left handed curse? Very impressed and can't wait to see what you will knit next :)


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