Friday, February 4, 2011

FF - Birthday Edition

*I wish I could locate the pictures for this story Here is a photo of a photo.  Notice the balloon, the outfit, and the neon encased Stiff-uns. 

On February 4, 2004 I celebrated my 22nd birthday in England.  It was a Wednesday night. 

My university had student night out at the Carleton Club every Wednesday night.  You bought a ticket on campus on Monday, took the free bus on Wednesday, and had to show your library card to get in.  Because it was my birthday, I got in for free, was given a yellow balloon to tie around my wrist so everyone knew it was my birthday, and two free the same time.

The Stiff-un was the Carleton signature drink.  It was only vodka and Red Bull in a neon plastic cup but it was notorious.  So there I was double-fisting two neon cups dancing to Shut Up by the Black Eyed Peas dressed as a lady gangster.  Let me back up...

In England it was not unusual for a group of girls to dress up like it was Halloween (in a month that was not October) to celebrate birthdays.  My friends and I rocked an all black outfit, white tie, and pink fedora.

It was such a fun night and A.P. and R.D. joined in the festivities.  We danced.  We drank.  We flirted with boys.  There are pictures from the evening that I have no recollection of how they got onto my camera.

But the best part was the next morning.  I woke up in my bed, still in my gangster outfit with a helium balloon floating above my bed because it was still tied to my wrist. 

I did not make it to my first class that Thursday morning.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes as I embark on the final year of my youth.  I have spent the last month mentally preparing myself for today and am surprisingly feeling good about 29....unlike last years scene.

February 2010
I frantically call S:
A:  I can't believe it's almost my birthday!
S:  I know.
A:  I've just been so busy with work.  I can't believe I'm going to be 27!
S:  pause

I was in fact turning 28 but forgot.  So this year I made sure that wasn't going to happen again.

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  1. Ha. That was so funny last year. Did you have a freak out this year? Embrace it baby. You're older, but wiser! Think about how stupid we were when we were 21.

    I feel like your birthday is a cursed day for me now. Last year I was at the doctor's for pregnancy related complications, and this year I was dealing with a cat attack.


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