Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jalapenos > Olives

When I said that hummus would be next I meant to say jalapenos. 

Last night I went to trivia night at some bar in some town.  We arrived to find two large groups of older people smoking and judging K's parallel parking skills.  I was sort of baffled until I realized that we had parked outside of a bingo hall.

I didn't have much to contribute to my trivia team other than the fact that magnesium was a metal found in chlorophyll...and that was totally a guess because magnesium is the only metal I could think of that started with the letter M. 

But, I learned a few things at trivia night such as:
There is an astronaut on the back of the Ohio quarter
How to correctly spell Dolce and Gabbana
The second longest river in Maine is the Penobscot

The big news is that K ordered nachos which came an absurdly large dollop (if dollop meant softball sized) of sour cream, salsa, and jalapenos.  D convinced me to try one and I did!  It was spicy but totally more edible than the olive

D also suggested that I up my goal from 5 new foods to 30 new foods...or that I reword my goal to "Find five new foods that I enjoy."  I'll think about it.

Let's review.  Tried jalapenos.  Survived.  Basically...Anthony Bourdain. 

D2: You should try haggis.
A: Doesn't that have something to do with sheep.
D: Blah blah blah innards blah stomach lining blah blah.
A: Um...veto.

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  1. Don't do haggis. I do think you should keep trying new foods though, but I'm a foodie so of course I think that...


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