Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Name, New Look, Same Old Everything Else

When I started my blog, my first post was about how I had been kicked while I was down at my old job.  Zero Ducks in a Row spoke to me because at the time, it felt like I didn't have anything together.

But over these months I have realized that I have many things together (except for a place of employment) so the name doesn't seem apropos anymore.  Just a month ago I shortened the title to Zero Ducks and gave my blog a face lift.  However, I was left wanting.

I spent today trying to think of new ideas.  Unfortunately, everything I thought of already existed!  I guess an original thought is harder to come by than I imagined. 

I wanted to title the blog Call Me Amy (which used to be my old Myspace name back in the day) because it effectively utilizes both my surname and my name name.  Alas, this name was already in use.  I almost went with Call Me Amy Was Taken but chose:

Everyday A*

It's short.  It rhymes.  I write about my everyday happenings.  And I refer to everyone by initials why not myself?  (Do not let the new name lead you to believe in any way that I will be posting every day.)

So welcome to a new era.  I seem to have gotten over my January blogging slump and I'm feeling a February frenzy coming on!  I have a lot of dull and insignificant things to share with my 4 followers.

For example...

I wish it was not uncouth to post a picture of my left ass cheek on my blog.  My bruise from Saturday's incident should be documented.  It really is quite impressive.  It is almost the size of my entire hand and is shaped like a sailfish (minus the pointy thing on his face.)

* I have also changed my URL so if you have me bookmarked, or on a blog list, or if you follow anonymously you will have to make the appropriate adjustments.

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  1. FANCY! I like it. I need to figure out how to do such things :-)


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