Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Try New Foods: Episode One

Number 5 on The List has been a hot topic this week.  I made the goal to try five new foods because I tend to be that person that claims they dislike a food before even trying it.  Although to be fair, I do dislike A LOT of things.  Things that you probably like.  Things like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, lemonade and iced tea.

I don't have high hopes that I will try five new foods, fall in love and add them to my limited recipe repertoire; but at least I will be able to say, "I've tried it and I don't like it."

This week, I've brainstormed the types of food I would like to try and found that others are quite willing to help me accomplish this task.  I however, need more convincing and encouragement.  Today S helped me with that.

I took my brother to lunch today because sadly he is trekking back to VA on Thursday because he can't handle this New England weather anymore.  We ate at an Italian restaurant where salad comes with your lunch.  I was happily eating my lettuce when S put an olive back into the salad bowl.  (I should have stopped right there and realized that if S didn't eat olives it was unlikely that I would like olives.)

But I made an impulsive decision.

The Scene:
A:  I could eat that olive and get started on my 5 new foods goal.
S:  Go for it.
A:  What does an olive taste like?
S:  Like an olive.
A:  rolls eyes.
S:  They taste like olive oil.
A:  Are you lying?
S:  Yes.

Well, at least he was honest. 

I speared the olive on my fork and psyched myself up.  I chewed once, twice, then I almost gagged.  S urged me to swallow it but I had to spit it out.  He then surmised that because I didn't eat (i.e. digest) the olive it doesn't count towards my list.

To which I replied that my list says I only need to TRY new foods not eat them.

Things I learned today:
1.  Trying new foods is not necessarily fun.
2.  I don't like olives.
3.  Olives DO NOT taste like olive oil.
4.  Trying new foods in a restaurant where there is the potential of vomiting in public is maybe not the best idea.



  1. Not a big fan of olives myself. You need to try an Arnold Palmer drink (lemonade & iced tea).

  2. You sound like Madeline. Want me to mash you up some avocados and spoon feed them to you? I won't mind if you spit them back out.

  3. hmmm...I think more study is necessary. You could compile a list of foods you do like and maybe then figure out what new foods may be in the realm of possibility. Orrr do something fun like trying new desserts?


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