Sunday, March 4, 2012


Create a soundtrack of my 30th year...month by month style.

It's no secret that I love music. And one of the best things is hearing an old song that brings you back to a certain time and place, experience, or person. I will forever remember laying in a farm house in Tuscany listening to Maroon 5's Songs About Jane on my discman. (I carted that discman and CD cases across all of Western Europe!)

I often pop in old camp mixes on mini road trips and am transported back to a time when the only things that mattered were sewing felt banners, putting up tents while blindfolded, and one-match fires on the beach.

So to commemorate my 30th year, I will collect songs throughout the year. 
Songs that are popular. 
Songs that cheesy. 
Songs that speak to my soul. 
Songs that I love...however fleeting.

See my soundtrack here and do not judge me for my awesome taste in music.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for introducing me to that Jason Mraz song!


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