Monday, March 19, 2012


My entire week boils down to this:

All I'm doing is working for the weekend so I can see The Hunger Games. I'm going to be so disappointed if it sucks!

Today it was hot! It was 79 degrees at afternoon recess on the last day of WINTER! When you live in New England sometimes you get blizzards in October and this on the first day of spring:

I got a new bathroom ceiling today! There is now dust on every surface of my apartment but I no longer have insulation hanging out over the tub. 

This morning I emptied my bathroom and piled everything in the hallway outside (everything being bathmat, shower curtain, and all my shower stuff). When I got home it was all back in it's place. I thought it was strange that the contractor hung up my shower caddy before he left (and vacuumed my entire apartment) but at least it doesn't look like he tried on my underwear.


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