Thursday, January 6, 2011

DIWDH I said goodbye to my Christmas tree.  While it stopped drinking water a week ago and was stripped of all ornaments on New Year's Day, I lacked the ability to remove it from my apartment independently. 

This morning, Dad and his trusty truck made a visit to Boxtown to collect the remains for certain incineration.  We wrapped it in a blanket to protect the hallway carpet from turning green and hauled it back to Chelmsdale. 

 The aftermath.

This evening I gave my vacuum cleaner a workout until it started to smell like burning plastic.  My initial fear was that the vacuum was about to spontaneously ignite but I gave it a breather then finished the job without incident. 

In other HUGE news, after 16 months of hanging wet towels on the doorknob, I finally installed a two legged octopus (bipus?) looking hook on the back of the bathroom door.  As D would say, "Thumbs up times two!"

Now that the Christmas tree corner has been vacated, I can begin my apartment redesign.  Stay tuned for more DIY DIWDH (Do It With Dad's Help) projects.

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