Thursday, January 20, 2011

Symbolic Socks

When I began this blog I was writing about myself, my happenings, my thoughts and observations about the world.  To me, it was entertaining and engaging.  But it seems as if I have lost all my life/writing mojo because I've quickly gone from drawing a comparison between minivan drivers and Mario Kart characters to this:

...writing a post about how throwing away old socks is symbolic.  Feel free to never read this blog again.

I own so many socks.  How many you ask?  So many that in the rare instance that ALL of my socks are clean at the same time, they more than overflow their assigned dresser drawer.  That being said, the likelihood that all of my socks are clean at one time is slim to none. 

But regardless of how infrequently I do laundry, I always have at least half a dresser drawer full of socks.  Which leads me to believe two things.  1. I never wear socks (which is not true unless it is flip flop season).  2. I don't wear half of the socks I own.

Number 2 is true. 

So in an effort to declutter my life, I started with my sock drawer.  I threw away all the socks that had no match, all the socks that had holes, all the socks that were threadbare, and all the socks that I don't wear because they slip down my heels and into my shoes while I walk.  I didn't count how many I threw away because that would be a tad OCD but trust was a lot. 

Over the next few days weeks months I intend to declutter the rest of my closet and my entire apartment.  Hopefully with less stuff I will be able to be more organized....a feat I have yet to achieve as an adult (or as a child for that matter.)

Eventually I plan to maintain a type of domestic homeostasis.  One item item out.

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