Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Goals and New Beginnings

I love New Years because I am able to do some of my favorite things...making plans and starting new projects!

Today is 1/1/11!  What a wonderful day for making some resolutions goals.  I have never made resolutions per say, but in the past I have created long lists of things I hoped to do in the year to come.  J and I used to make absurd lists like "105 things to do in 2005."  I think I did maybe 25 things on the list.

As I was contemplating the things I wanted to accomplish this year, I was also considering my monthly goals and toying with the idea of making a list of 29 things to do while I'm 29.  Then all the breath left my body when I realized what comes after 29. 


A whole new decade where excuses for not being a real grown up are few and far between.

I don't know what my hang up about my age is but I have always been obsessed with how old I am and whether I have done enough things in my life to warrant being that old.  So as clich√© as it is, I am making a "30 Before 30" list.  It is not a life list by any means (although I totally have one of those as well.) 

So my goal for January is to work toward/complete 3 of the things on my list.  That's simple goal. 

I will post my official "30 Before 30" list tomorrow and I will be looking for volunteers to help me accomplish all 30 things in the next 13 months.


  1. Do any of those thirty things include changing diapers?!? Because if so, I could totally help you out. P.S. I like your new look!

  2. Haha no diapers are not on the list. Also, I had many new looks in the last 24 hours but I can't commit.


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