Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slow...Not Quite Steady

Remember when I was all jazzed about my field trip to IKEA?  I got all kinds of goodies to turn my dining room into a functional workspace in order to accomplish #18 on The List.  Well the progress pretty much ended there. 

I put together my desk and my storage boxes and then hit a plateau of motivation.  I've done bits here and there but nothing earth shattering. 

I am still planning hoping that it will come together by the end of the month.

My favorite new thing (aside from my HUGE desk) is my monogrammed mug.

The picture ledges that I successfully put up all by myself (with minor to moderate plaster chippage) will obviously look better when I put actual pictures in the frames.

The gigantic bulletin board above my desk is just waiting to be filled with fun things.

That's about it for now. 

FYI:  Despite how crooked everything looks I assure you it is all straight.  I used a level and everything!  I just took horrendous photos without even getting up from my desk.

On an unrelated workspace, yet related procrastination note, I FINALLY hung up my key holder necklace holder that I bought a super long time ago.  I put it off for so long because I couldn't commit to where I wanted to hang it and I was nervous about trying to drill holes in a cement wall.  And so it sat, on the dresser, next to the necklaces it was supposed to organize for a million months.  Today I carpe diem-ed and hung it with those removable sticky hooks.  Problem solved on every level.

End of blogging dry spell?  Perhaps.

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