Monday, January 31, 2011

Duck Duck Goal

In January I shoveled sooo much snow, painted my nails with Gilty Pleasure Gold, fell down more than once, read 7 books, turned my dining room into an office, cooked pizza on a grill, took 2 field trips to IKEA, laughed at John Boehner for crying in public, saw Black Swan, said goodbye to my Christmas tree, put on pants, and got started on The List.

Goal # 1:  Work toward/complete 3 things on the list.
Although many of the things on my list are more warm weather activities and long term goals, I did manage to begin several of my goals and I finished one of them.  Here's an update:

#2 Read 56 books:  I actually read 7 books this month which puts me ahead of the game!

#4 In Progress

#12 Read all of Roald Dahl's books:  I made this goal before realizing how prolific a writer Roald Dahl was.  This month I compiled a list of all of his children's books, novels, short story collections, poems, and plays.  I quickly realized that this is going to be a much bigger goal than I anticipated!

#18 Turn my mess of a dining room into an office/craft space:  After two trips to IKEA I have a new desk, desk chair, and storage solutions.  Before and after pictures will follow shortly.

Goal # 2:  Find a reason to put on pants at least five times a week.
Originally, I was going to keep a Pants/No Pants calendar so I would have a graphic to add to this post.  But then I realized that actually recording which days I got dressed and which days I didn't put me way past cute and quirky on the crazy scale.  I did end up getting dressed most days this month...with the exception of all the snow days we had. 

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