Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIY Electrical Emergency

So after living in my apartment for 16 months I have finally decided to start decorating.  Have I mentioned that I tend to procrastinate?  Today I purchased a bulletin board, several photo frames and a peg board to begin with #18 on The List.

After what was probably my last lunch date with T (until vacation?) I stopped by my parent's house to raid Dad's workshop for nails and screws.  I got a mini lesson on how to install an anchor screw, which you use to hang heavy stuff.  He filled my coat pocket with these:

and gave me the following advice:

D:  Don't hit any electrical wiring.
A:  How do I know where it is?
D:  Oh, you'll know.
A:  Because I will cut the electricity to the whole building?
D:  Yes.
A:  Umm...what are you doing tomorrow?

My handywoman skills about rival my car knowledge and my confidence to put 2 inch screws in the wall near a light switch without causing property damage is low.  So even though I am almost a grownup, I will resign to asking for help.

Anchor Screws - 1
Amy - 0


  1. I think your dad made you way more nervous than you need to be. I put holes in my walls all the time and I have not died once. Those anchor things worked good too - I used to use them. Now I just use nails!

  2. I just added a link to your blog from my blog...therefore your traffic is going to increase by like negative 5. Lol.

  3. it's mcissquared.wordpress.com, not the one I have attached to my blogger name


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